Cuzco to Puno by bus; a travesy through the lands of the Incas

One of the most popular routes for tourists that travel around Latin America is the trip from Cuzco to Puno by bus. This trip by land takes you across 386 km that separate two of the most important cities of Peru in around 7 hours. Read on to get all the information you need to plan your trip.

Machu Pichu, Peru

The city of Cuzco is one of the most popular with tourists from all over the world, not only due to the colonial architecture and the Inca ruins nearby, but because it is the gateway to the legendary city of Machu Pichu, the capital of the Inca empire.

Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru

Due to high demand from tourists from all around the world, there are many bus companies that offer this route, especially during high season (December-January and June-August). If you want to plan your trip right away, visit to book your tickets. The table below shows the times of departure, the different bus companies and prices available for this trip.

                    Buses from Cuzco to Puno

from Cusco to Puno bus

The “lie-flat” seats recline to 170 degrees, while “semi lie-flat” seats recline to 140 degrees. All buses have air conditioning and bathroom and they stop along the way for passengers to get a meal and rest from the trip. The buses traveling to Puno depart from Cuzco at the Bus Terminal, located on Via de Evitamento Avenue. See map below:

terminal terrestre de cusco

Puno, on the other hand, is a city with an important cultural and natural heritage, such as the floating islands of the Urus, on the Titicaca lake, one of the most important tourist attractions of the surroundings. Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, and it attracts thousands of tourists both on the Bolivian and Peruvian shores. The city of Puno is also an important passage point between Bolivia and Peru, and tourists traveling between the two countries are bound to pass through on the way to or from Copacabana or La Paz. Buses arrive in Puno at the Bus Terminal, located on Primero de Mayo St.  (See map below).

terminal de puno

Tickets Bolivia offers the sale of tickets online for traveling between Cuzco and Puno. The online tickets at the best prices, and with the most reliable bus companies offering the service. Have a great trip!


From Antofagasta to La Paz by land; all you need to know

Antofagasta is a port city, the second largest city in Chile. With a thriving mining industry and an important shopping culture, this city offers tourists modern infrastructure and striking seashore vistas. Trips between Antofagasta and La Paz are often made by people on business, but also by tourists exploring the north of Chile, on their way to Santiago de Atacama and Uyuni,in Bolivia. Read on to find out all you need to know in order to make this trip by land.

Antofagasta, Chile

Antofagasta is located at 884 KM from the Bolivian city of Oruro, and the trip to La Paz by bus takes around 24 hours, including a few hours in Oruro, where you will change buses and bus companies. The buses leave from the Bus Terminal of Antofagasta, located on Paraguay Av. #846. The bus trip takes travelers across the desert of north Chile and the Bolivian Altiplano, guarded by the Andes Mountain Range, where temperatures can reach below zero in winter.  The buses that make this trip are semicama, which means the seats recline to 140 degrees. Please see the tables below to check out the different options regarding bus companies and schedules.

Antofagasta to La Paz:

Antofagasta a La Paz

La Paz to Antofagasta:

la paz a antofagasta

The buses arrive in Oruro at the Bus Terminal, located on Gregorio Reynolds Street. In La Paz, the buses arrive at the Bus Terminal of La Paz, located between Peru and Uruguay Av. See the map below:

terminal de buses de La Paz

La Paz is the most important city of the Andes, a thriving metropolis that has been gaining a reputation among tourists for its outrageous landscapes and buzzing activity. One of its main attractions is the Cable Car ride, or Teleferico, which in La Paz is a form of public transportation that takes you floating across the city from end to end. If you want the convenience of buying tickets online, go to

La Paz teleferico
Cable cars in La Paz, Bolivia

We hope you have a nice trip!