Travel in Bolivia by bus

One way to travel economically and efficiently is by bus. In Bolivia it is one of the most common ways of transporting between cities or provinces. The buses cover practically all the tourist routes within the country and you can find departure times of your choice. Below we explain how to buy bus tickets to travel in Bolivia in a safe, relaxed and economical way.

Traveling by bus allows you to appreciate the great road landscapes that Bolivia has to offer. Also, did you know that buses have a smaller carbon footprint in transportation? a bus can replace 3 cars and uses about 60% less energy per passenger-mile than traveling by train. So you not only enjoy a rest and a walk with the best views, you also help the environment with your decision to travel by bus.

Bolivian Altiplano (


Online purchases give you the facility of being able to do them from home or wherever you are, without having to go to the terminal and buy the ticket in person, thus avoiding the crowds. Also, buying online you can do it in advance of up to a year before your trip.

You can buy bus tickets online. In the Tickets Bolivia portal you can find information about the travel options, costs and schedules available and make the direct purchase of tickets through the internet.

If you do not have a credit or debit card enabled for online purchases, you can also make the purchase through a bank deposit if you are within Bolivia. If you have any questions about the purchase to be made, you can contact the company at their contact numbers to ensure the trip and the available options.

At the terminal

Of course you can also buy tickets from the same departure terminal. This is a common way to do shopping and you should normally go to the terminal the same day of the trip and even when you are ready with your suitcases to leave and see the options you have in the terminal. Normally you cannot buy tickets days in advance at terminals in Bolivia.

Bus Terminal. La Paz, Bolivia.

The cost of the terminal tickets may be lower, but in high season the prices are usually the same as online. You can also secure a space on the bus by buying in advance.

Precautionary measures

Little by little, trips between departments and provinces within Bolivia are being enabled, and it will not take long for the borders to be opened to public transport. Given this, transport companies are taking the necessary measures to operate safely.

The buses travel with 50 to 60% of their total capacity ensuring the necessary social distancing, in addition, they are completely disinfected after each trip made. To board the bus it is mandatory to wear a mask and to have hand sanitizer with you. You can also access this disinfectant on the bus.

Bus disinfection. (APG,

Now that the routes and services are enabled, you can travel maintaining the necessary caution and buying your tickets from home to avoid crowds and maintain the required distance.

One thought on “Travel in Bolivia by bus

  1. I’ve taken the bus a couple of times in Bolivia, each time I regretted not having made the trip by car so that I could stop and walk in the villages or enjoy the scenery. Renting a car with a driver is not that expensive, it’s an option to consider if you can afford, it is worth it.

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